SSO management web applications creation on Linux - CustomerID

Ubisecure CustomerID needs two web applications to be defined in SSO management. The first one is used to provide login functionality to the Ubisecure CustomerID user interfaces and it also provides the LDAP user account that Ubisecure CustomerID uses when accessing Ubisecure Directory. The second web application is used when performing verifications during registrations. Ubisecure CustomerID installation package contains LDIF import files that need to be imported to Ubisecure Directory using the import functionality of Ubisecure SSO.

Importing the web applications:

  1. Copy the LDIF files found from /usr/local/ubisecure/customerid/application/ldap on the Ubisecure CustomerID server to Ubisecure SSO server. You can place them for example in the home directory in a directory called customerid-ldifs.
  2. Use the script in the path UBILOGIN_HOME/ldap/openldap/ to import these files:

    cd /usr/local/ubisecure/ubilogin-sso/ubilogin/ldap/openldap
    ./ ~/customerid-ldifs/customerid.ldif
    ./ ~/customerid-ldifs/customerid-secrets.ldif

    NOTE: If the import script prompts for the LDAP password. You can find the correct password from /usr/local/ubisecure/ubilogin-sso/ubilogin/unix.config file in the openldap.root.password property.