About Ubisecure SSO

Ubisecure SSO is a single sign-on and access control solution providing extensive authentication for Intranet, Extranet and Web Services.

The intended audience for this documentation is system administrators and system integrators. Basic knowledge of LDAP directories and SQL databases is presumed.

As of SSO 8.2 the term "Agent" has been changed to "Application" for clarity. Documentation isn't yet updated for the change.

As a reader, ignore the resulting conflicts, the terms are interchangeable.

System Overview

The Ubisecure SSO consists of an LDAP database for the Ubisecure Directory and several independent web applications implemented with Java 2 Platform technology:

Software Package Structure

Ubisecure SSO includes the following software packages:

  • Tomcat
  • OpenLDAP on Linux
  • Ubisecure Accounting Service Spring Boot application

For specific version numbers, please refer to current release notes.

File System Directory Structure

Relative to the platform-specific base directory, the directory structure of the Ubisecure SSO is organized in the following way:



The base directory of the Ubisecure SSO, e.g. /usr/local/ubisecure/ubilogin-sso on Linux or C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso on Windows


The Tomcat server


On Windows, the location of the Microsoft ADAM installer


On Linux, the location of the OpenLDAP server

/openssl/On Linux, the location of the SSL library
/berkeley-db/On Linux, the location of the Berkeley database
/template/The template directory for the configuration file of the platform
/tools/The Ubisecure SSO software tools


The software for the Ubisecure SSO itself


The version information of the Ubisecure SSO and its components


Utility script for getting the installation directory information


The directory for the base configuration file of the platform


Directory for the customized settings including SSO and Accounting Service


Ubisecure Directory installation data


External Authentication methods


The Ubisecure SSO’s web applications


List of the locations of Ubisecure Authentication Server’s configuration files


The setup script for the Ubisecure SSO

/accounting/Ubisecure Accounting Service root directory
/accounting/config/Directory for the Accounting Service configuration files
/accounting/logs/Directory for the Accounting Service log files (default configuration)