Help files - CustomerID

Ubisecure CustomerID user interfaces include mechanism for context sensitive help files that can be accessed by clicking on the Help link. The product does not supply default help texts and thus the Help link on each page is hidden by default due CSS definition, see Custom CSS styling - CustomerID.

There are three user interfaces that have different help files:


In each of these, "XX" is the two-letter language code indicating the language the help file has been written in. Help files may be fully replaced.

The HTML anchors should be inspected to ensure the valid linkage between the user interface sections and the help file titles. The anchors have not been changed recently so previously used help files are valid.

Figure 1 illustrates the process to resolve the anchor name:

  • inspect the elements on the page
  • find class="helplink"
  • check the file name and the anchor from the href - in this case anchor is organizationinfopage_users

Figure 1: User interface help file linkage example
Multiple options can be selected.

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