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On this page you find information on which features are available in the Ubisecure IDaaS Trial environment and how to configure them. Also, leagal legal documents related to the IDaaS Trial can be found from this page.


  1. Register Your User Account at IDaaS Trial

    Register your user account using your company’s email as identifier.

  2. Identity Management Administrator view

    Explore Administrator view to make actions such as:

    1. Invite other users to your IDaaS trial environment via email

    2. Add or delete a new user

    3. Modify other users’ attributes

    4. Role management

    5. Reset a forgotten password


  3. Identity Management Self-Service view

    Explore your Self-service page and manage your own identity:

    1. Modify your user attributes

    2. Change your password

  4. Invite another user to register to your IDaaS Trial account

    Send an email invitation to a new user. Main user sends the invitations.

  5. Application Registration Walkthrough

    Register a new application to an Identity Platform using the Trial Console tool.