Introduction to Ubisecure CustomerID

Ubisecure CustomerID is a complete extranet user identity management system, which extends the use of Ubisecure SSO. Ubisecure SSO is a single sign-on and access control solution providing extensive authentication for Intranet, Extranet and Web Services.

The intended audience for this documentation is system administrators and system integrators. Basic knowledge of LDAP directories and SQL databases is presumed.

Typographic Conventions

The following table describes the typographic conventions used in CustomerID pages.




User interface elements, terms to be emphasized.
For example:
Click the OK button to close the window.

Fixed width

Code and script examples, commands, file names, directory names.
For example:
Open the win32.config file.

Fixed width in italics

An example name or value to be replaced with real content.
For example:
To remove a file, issue command rm filename.


References to tables, figures, chapters, pages and documents.
For example:
For more details on configuration issues, please refer to the Configuration Manual.

Table 1. Typographic conventions