Two node WildFly installation on Windows - CustomerID

Ubisecure SSO service needs to be stopped at this point if SSO is installed on the same server as CID and SSO is using port 8443.

net stop UbiloginServer

First, extract the WildFly distribution package and place it in %PROGRAMFILES%, so that the resulting home folder for WildFly becomes %PROGRAMFILES%\wildfly-x.x.x.Final . This folder will be referred to as %WILDFLY_HOME%.
Copy the docs\contrib\scripts\service folder to  %WILDFLY_HOME%\bin folder, so that the resulting path is %WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\service

set WILDFLY_HOME=%PROGRAMFILES%\wildfly-x.x.x.Final 
cd /D %WILDFLY_HOME%\bin
xcopy /SI ..\docs\contrib\scripts\service service

Due to a bug in the standard WildFly distribution package, edit the service.bat file

cd /D "%WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\service"
notepad service.bat 

change the following line: 

set DESCRIPTION="WildFly Application Server"


set DESCRIPTION=WildFly Application Server

Find the line line: 

  if "%BASE%"=="" set BASE="%JBOSS_HOME%\domain"

and remove the quotes from the value, like this:: 

  if "%BASE%"=="" set BASE=%JBOSS_HOME%\domain

In the same service.bat file, add the domain mode configuration parameters

set IS_DOMAIN=true
set CONFIG=domain.xml
set HOSTCONFIG=host.xml

Having done that, use service.bat to install WildFly as a Windows Service: 

cd /D "%WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\service"
service.bat install

You can also change the admin host from the default localhost:9990 to something else with the /host parameter. Note that our provided database driver and data source installation scripts require the admin port and assume it's at port 9990, so if you plan to disable or change it, it is best done after the installation is complete.
You can now start the WildFly service by opening the View Local Services functionality and locating WildFly server, right-clicking and selecting Start, or using the net start command:

Starting WildFly
net start wildfly

Uninstalling WildFly

In case you need to uninstall WildFly here are the instructions for it. To uninstall the service, invoke the service.bat with the uninstall parameter. 

net stop wildfly
cd /D "%WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\service"
service.bat uninstall

Then either delete the WildFly installation folder or backup it to a different location.