SQL directory service creation on Windows - CustomerID

You need to define a directory service in Ubisecure SSO Management that is used for accessing the Ubisecure CustomerID's SQL database. To create the service open Ubisecure SSO Management.

  1. Start Ubisecure SSO

    net start UbiloginServer
  2. Access the URL uas_url/ubilogin in a browser
  3. Create a new Service in Services tab (Select HomeServicesNew Service...)
    • Title:  CustomerID SQL
    • Directory type:  SQL
    • Directory Factory: com.ubisecure.ubilogin.directory.spi.sql.SQLDirectoryFactory

  4. Click OK
  5. Edit following information:
    • Service URL:
      – replacing hostname and port number as needed using database.host and database.port settings from customerid\application\win32.config

    • Username:
      Use database.user value from customerid\application\win32.config. This value is usually customerid_user
    • Credentials:
      Use database.password value from customerid\application\win32.config

      NOTE: If there are escape characters ("\") in the database.password value, remove them before copying the value to the Credentials field.

    • Configuration: 
      Enter the following text in the Configuration String text area: 
      SELECT 1

      This defines the PostgreSQL specific query called when determining if a JDBC connection is open and operating.

      Figure 2, SQL Configuration
  6. Click Update
  7. Restart Ubisecure SSO 

    net stop UbiloginServer
    net start UbiloginServer