Terms and conditions for IDaaS Trial

The following terms and conditions apply to free trials of the Ubisecure IDaaS service (“the System”) provided by Ubisecure Oy (“Ubisecure”):

1    Grant of Trial License

Ubisecure hereby grants you a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (the “Trial License”) to access and use the System during the Trial Period stated in Clause 2 below, solely for the purposes of evaluating the System for use in your business, and subject to the other terms and conditions set out below. During the Trial Period, you may make such use of the System as you reasonably require in order to evaluate it for future use in your business, but not for any other purpose.

2    Trial Period

The free Trial License shall last for a period of 30 days (the “Trial Period”). This period may be extended by mutual agreement and any extensions will be confirmed in email.

3    Trial Account

Ubisecure will create and provide you details of an account (“Trial Account”) that you will use to access the System. You may create other accounts under this Trial Account for the purpose of evaluating the System.

4    Expiry

On expiry of the Trial Period, access to the System will no longer be possible. You acknowledge and agree that your Trial Account on the System will, or may, automatically or manually, be revoked (i.e. cease to operate) at that time.

5    Termination

This Trial License may be terminated during the Trial Period:

  1. by Ubisecure giving written notice, with immediate effect, if you are in breach of any of your obligations set out in these terms and conditions; or
  2. by you giving 7 days’ written notice.

The Trial License will be deemed to be terminated upon Expiry.

6    Consequences of termination

Upon termination:

  1. you must cease accessing, or attempting to access the System;
  2. any data in the system related to the Trial Account will be permanently deleted shortly after Trial Account revocation;
  3. data that is stored as part as any backup taken in the normal course of management of the System shall be stored, archived and destroyed in line with our ISO27001 processes.

7    Data protection

To the extent that Ubisecure holds or processes any personal data provided by you in the course of this Trial License, we will process such personal data in accordance with the IDaaS Trial Data Processing Policy. The servers that host the System are located in the EU.

8    Intellectual property rights

Ubisecure owns all intellectual property rights in the System and all related documentation. Nothing in these terms and conditions confers on you any intellectual property or other rights in relation to the System or the documentation, other than the right to use it under Clause 1. If a third party notifies you of any claim that the use of the System infringes its rights, you must immediately notify Ubisecure, and must if so requested by Ubisecure immediately cease use of the System.

9    Liability

Save for death and personal injury caused by Ubisecure’s negligence, Ubisecure shall have no liability of any kind in any circumstances whatever to you in respect of the System. In particular, Ubisecure shall have no liability in any circumstances whatever for any data loss or corruption, and you acknowledge and agree that you have sole responsibility for protecting your data during evaluation of the System.

10    Communication

During the Trial Period Ubisecure will contact you to check progress and obtain your feedback on the evaluation process. By requesting the Trial License you give consent to be.

11    Multiple Trials

Only one Trial Instance per company is expected, and further attempts to set up a Trial License may be rejected. Ubisecure will discuss the reason for multiple requests and will proceed at its sole discretion.

12    No warranties

Except as expressly stated in these terms, no representations, conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind are given in respect of the System, and all statutory warranties and conditions are excluded to the fullest extent possible.

13    Variations

Ubisecure reserves the right to change the System or any of the terms and conditions applicable to the Trial License at any time and for any reason. Any such changes will be announced on the trial website. Failure to receive specific notification of a change does not make those changes invalid.

14    Governing law

This Agreement shall be interpreted under laws of Finland without regard to its conflict of law provisions. No choice of law rules or any jurisdiction shall apply.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Agreement, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The seat of arbitration shall be Helsinki, Finland. The language of arbitration shall be English.