Identity Cloud

Identity Cloud Name Change

Note that from January 2021, Ubisecure Identity Cloud has been renamed to IDaaS Private Cloud. Developer documents may refer to Identity Cloud and IDaaS Private Cloud interchangeably until naming update is complete.

Getting Started

IDaaS Private Cloud is the Ubisecure Identity Server deployed and managed as a cloud service on dedicated infrastructure per client. When deployed it can include just Ubisecure SSO, or extended with the additional deployment of Ubisecure Customer ID and the additional CIAM and delegation functionality Customer ID offers.

IDaaS Private Cloud customers should consult their handover document provided by their integration partner or Ubisecure sales engineering for details specific to their private cloud environment.

Control Desk Access

Login into the Control Desk


Identity Cloud custom configuration database

Identity Cloud service instance endpoints

Identity Cloud service instance management

Secure file transfer

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